solo guitar



Considered one of the most talented guitarists of his generation, he maintains an active career as an interpreter, arranger and composer.

Since 2009, he has played with the TAU guitar quartet together with Breno Chaves, José Henrique de Campos and Fabio Bartoloni, and formed the Saraiva-Murray Duo with guitarist and composer Chico Saraiva, with whom he has recently performed in concerts throughout Europe (Paris, London and Portugal). 2011 sees him on tour around the State of São Paulo for ProAc to support his second solo album, "Tom Jobim para violão solo (Tom Jobim for Solo Guitar)" (Delira Música). He is also conducting a national tour with the "Universos Trio", composed of Giuliana Audra (flute) and Sergio Kafejian (real time electronics), through Programa Petrobras Cultural.

“Arrangements by Paulo Bellinati and Murray are rich and musical, showing a profound knowledge of the instrument and at the same time emphasizing the beauty of Jobim’s music. And at the end, Daniel the guitar player, the principal jeweler of this gem – an impeccable artist with a beautiful tone and heart that we feel in every note.” Oscar Castro-Neves - California, October, 2010

"Daniel Murray is a restless artist. He has a tremendous thirst for new expressive possibilities, and brings a superb dedication to Tom Jobim’s work. Jobim’s music is lean: his material has a narrow scope and he deals with just a few elements which are precisely arranged in a perfect way within uncommon atmospheres. Differently from so many projects that take Jobim’s music and transfigure it, Murray surrenders to the precision of his art. When arranging and interpreting, he chooses poetic sonorities and exact pitches and textures so that Jobim’s art is displayed more clearly and persuasively. An artist requires a depth of maturity to interpret a composer as Murray does. Here, he is Jobim’s equal in artistic wisdom." Fabio Zanon - São Paulo, 2010


(August 13, 2012 / SESC-Consolação)