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musician - guitar player, arranger, composer

Tom Jobim Para Violão Solo

(Delira Música)

Tom Jobim para Violão Solo
"Most of Tom Jobim’s solo guitar repertoire consists of songs, and Murray successfully explores the nuances of this material. His style of ‘singing’ the melodic lines and presenting very clear voicings are notable, and his sound quality could be compared to that of the highest level concert players. Highlights of the album include Murray’s beautiful arrangements of the waltz “Imagina” and “Eu preciso de Você” as well as the emotional “Tema para Ana.” “Antigua”, “Chora Coração”, “Estrada Branca”, “Garoto” and “Luiza” display Bellinati’s powerful orchestral and guitar playing arsenal, and Murray is a great master of this style. The delicate “Chanson pour Michelle” arranged by José Edwin Murray closes this beautiful album. Excellent!" Fábio Carrilho, Guitar Player - August, 2011
"Together, Antonio Carlos Brasileiro de Almeida Jobim and Daniel Murray double what already seemed to be immeasurable. In sharing their talents, the author and interpreter grow together and aggregate a fortune to something that didn’t seem to need so much to look even better." Aquiles Reis (MPB4) - May, 2011
A long way from empty virtuosity, Daniel Murray has found new ways of displaying the beauty of Jobim’s work through his elegant guitar. Carlos Calado, Guia da Folha - May 27, 2011
"Daniel Murray is a restless artist. He has a tremendous thirst for new expressive possibilities, and brings a superb dedication to Tom Jobim’s work. Jobim’s music is lean: his material has a narrow scope and he deals with just a few elements which are precisely arranged in a perfect way within uncommon atmospheres. Differently from so many projects that take Jobim’s music and transfigure it, Murray surrenders to the precision of his art. When arranging and interpreting, he chooses poetic sonorities and exact pitches and textures so that Jobim’s art is displayed more clearly and persuasively. An artist requires a depth of maturity to interpret a composer as Murray does. Here, he is Jobim’s equal in artistic wisdom." Fabio Zanon - São Paulo, 2010
"The sound is perfect; by this I mean, the recording and his sound. The arrangements attest to extraordinary good taste! I’ve never thought of the possibility of presenting the orchestral Jobim on guitar. You were able to do so masterfully. At a time when we give value to headlong dashing around and unreasoned and empty virtuosity, listening to your recording transported me to an oasis of musical beauty. The disc is simply music the entire time, with no compromises. To say it in few words, I believe you have created the best Tom Jobim album of any I have ever heard..." Mauricio Carrilho - Rio de Janeiro, 2010
"I have a special fondness for the guitar – not only because it is the instrument I play, but also because of its intrinsic qualities. The intonation of the acoustic six-string nylon classical guitar is deeply personal. In the hands of a master, it can ‘sing’ a melody with heart and sensibility, or deliver a very fast phrase with strength and energy. As well, the unusual distribution of tones in this instrument’s strings offers countless possibilities for sophisticated harmonies, with unique reversals. It is a complete instrument, a small orchestra full of colors, nuances and dynamics, which enables a composer and arranger to paint pictures with rhythmic and melodic counterpoints.
Daniel Murray’s CD brings together a full collection of precious jewels. It’s a full repertoire featuring stellar arrangements and virtuoso execution. Songs by Antonio Carlos Jobim, another great guitar player who was incapable of writing ugly notes. Arrangements by Paulo Bellinati and Murray are rich and musical, showing a profound knowledge of the instrument and at the same time emphasizing the beauty of Jobim’s music. And at the end, Daniel the guitar player, the principal jeweler of this gem – an impeccable artist with a beautiful tone and heart that we feel in every note.
I wish you much success and a long life for this project, which I already love a lot." Oscar Castro-Neves - Califórnia, October, 2010

...universos sonoros para violão e tape...

(Canto Discos/Tratore)

...universos sonoros para violão e tape
"Recently launched in São Paulo, guitar player Daniel Murray’s CD entitled Sounds of the Universe for Guitar and Tape, brings pleasant surprises to the electro-acoustic guitar scene. Experimental, contemporary, versatile, and above all, creative... the most difficult thing is completely describing this recording. It is perhaps in between Gismonti and Cage, but this work in no way submits itself to or depends on labels."Jonathan Gregory, Revista Violão Pro, 2008
"Guitar player Daniel Murray releases an important album where the dialogue between the acoustic guitar (which is often played in a non-conventional way) and abstract electronic sounds prevails. Murray is a virtuoso, and composers Lelo Nazario, Silvio Ferraz and Flo Menezes are accurate and consistent musicians... Listening to his guitar playing, which is Brazilian and experimental at the same time, is a good step for anyone who wants to enlarge their aesthetic taste." Guga Stroeter, Guia da Folha, São Paulo 19/12/2008
"I was impressed by Daniel Murray's interpretations. His versatility, high sensivity and tecnhique are the ultimate tool of music production. There was a time where musicians feared or stranged the new electronic music universe. Daniel Murray is a master and a roll model to the new musician generations. He knows how to switch between actor and director into the multiple scenarios of the sound game." Jorge Antunes - February, 2012
"...during his concert, young guitarist Daniel Murray presented us with a glimpse of the richness and diversity of Brazilian music."
"...a long way from shaking rhythms and stereotypical ‘sambas’, Daniel Murray’s inspired interpretations feature melodious accents which are always sensual..."
"...a true moment of happiness warmly applauded by an enchanted audience..." Le Télégramme, 30/09/2003
Daniel Murray - foto Dani Gurgel 2010

An abstract

Classical/ Experimental/ Instrumental Brazilian Music

Solo, Duo Trio and Quartet.

Considered one of the most talented guitarists of his generation, he maintains an active career as an interpreter, arranger and composer. He plays as a soloist and in chamber groups in Brazil and abroad with great musicians like Paulo Bellinati, Israel de Almeida, Toninho Carrasqueira, Rogerio Wolf, Heloisa Petri, Andrea Kaiser, Joaquim de Abreu, among other renowned Brazilian guitarists and musicians.

In 1997 at the age of 15, he was awarded second prize at the Councours International de Guitarre of Trédrez-Locquémeau in Brittany, France.

During a tour through the region, he played in Rennes, Nantes, Lannion, Paimpol, Pont l'Abée, St. Michel-en-Grève, Saint Quai Perros, Prat, with Trio Kej and French guitarist Roger Eon. He attended the “17ème Stage International de Guitare (Fondation Krüger, Mas de la Coüme, Mosset, France)”, given by Alberto Ponce.

He recorded with the guitar trio Trio Opus 12 (Paulo Porto Alegre. Daniel Murray and Edelton Gloeden) the suite Retratos de Radamés Gnatalli, with adaptation of Radamés himself, dedicated to them. Released his first solo album "...universos sonoros para violão e tape...", picturing the universe of brazilian contemporary music, premiering multiple works dedicated to him.

Since 2009, he has played with the Tau guitar quartet together with Breno Chaves, José Henrique de Campos and Fabio Bartoloni, and formed the Saraiva-Murray Duo with guitarist and composer Chico Saraiva, with whom he has recently performed in concerts throughout Europe (Paris, London and Portugal). 2011 sees him on tour around the State of São Paulo for ProAc to support his second solo album, "Tom Jobim para violão solo (Tom Jobim for Solo Guitar)" (Delira Música). He is also conducting a national tour with the "Universos Trio", composed of Giuliana Audra (flute) and Sergio Kafejian (real time electronics), through Programa Petrobras Cultural.

Daniel Murray - Electrodays - Greece 2009


Born in 1981, he began his musical studies when he was 6. Encouraged by guitarist José Murray, at the age of 13  he began to dedicate more intensely to the study of the guitar, having classes with Floriano Rosalino, Celso Brescia (at Cia das Cordas),  Edelton Gloeden, Paulo Porto Alegre... Since then, he has given concerts as a soloist and chamber musician in places like Centro Cultural São Paulo, the Municipal Theater of São Paulo, MASP (São Paulo Museum of Art)...

At 15, he finished second at the “Concours Internacional de Guitarre de Trédrez-Locquemeau” (France), and studied with Alberto Ponce for one month at La Coûme in the Pyrenees. Since then, he has studied lute with Silvana Scarinci and Carin Zwiling.

At 17, he entered FASM-Faculdade Santa Marcelina to study contemporary music with professors Silvio Ferraz and Flo Menezes, going on to post-graduate studies in musical analysis with Menezes.

In 2001, he began to study composition with João Carlos Assis Brasil.

In 2002, he formed a Duo with Paulo Porto Alegre, his professor, dedicated to modern and avant-garde repertoire for two guitars.

In June, 2003, he presented a solo recital in Nantes-France of Brazilian popular and contemporary music, including some of his own compositions. He participated as a scholar in the XXXIV Festival of Campos do Jordão-SP, Brazil. In August, he played at Festival Música Nova, and in September and October in France, in Lannion and Paris (the Brazilian Embassy and “Maison de l'Amérique Latine”).

In 2004, he participated in the creation of the “Me Gusta Neruda” dance-theater show together with clarinetist Gustavo Barbosa Lima and ballet dancers Juan Castiglioni and Marisa Magalhães, as performed an player and composer. He played in the Cenapoética project with French poet Yvon Le Men in numerous places in São Paulo and at the “Festival Étonnants Romantiques” in Combourg, France. He played in Paris during the “Fête de la Musique” (Brazilian Embassy). He participated in the BIMESP-Bienal de Música Eletroacústica de São Paulo (Biennial of Electro-Acoustic Music of São Paulo).

He currently teaches classical guitar at Cia das Cordas. He is playing with Trio Opus 12, a guitar trio, with Paulo Porto Alegre and Edelton Gloeden, and plays regularly with Paulo Bellinati and Israel de Almeida. He is guest guitarist for Núcleo Hespérides - Música das Américas, a group composed of Andréa Kaiser, Antonio Ribeiro, Rosana Civile, José Antonio Soares, Paulo Porto Alegre, Joaquim de Abreu, Rogério Wolf, Heloisa Petri, José Augusto Mannis and Celso Delneri. He has played with them at Sala São Paulo, as well as many other venues.

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